Jumper Stilt Fitness Kangaroo Boots

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Product information:

Product Category: Bouncer / bouncing shoes

Material: TPU, TPR + mesh

Maximum weight capacity: 20kg-75kg (kg)

Applicable scenes: running sports, dance sports

Product net weight: 4.3kg

Size: 30-32 yards (S size) gray red 20-40kg, 30-32 yards (S size) gray blue 20-40kg, 33-35 yards (M size) gray red 30-50kg, 33-35 yards (M size) gray blue 30-50kg, 36-38 yards (L size) gray red 50-70kg, 36-38 yards (L size) gray blue 50-70kg, 36-38 yards (L size) gray blue 50-70kg, 36-38 yards ( L size) black red 50-70kg, 36-38 yards (L size) rose red 50-70kg, 39-41 yards (XL size) black red 70-90kg, 39-41 yards (XL size) black blue 70-90kg, 42-44 yards (XXL size) black red 90-110kg, 42-44 yards (XXL size) black blue 90-110kg, 36-38 yards (L size) Black and blue 50-70kg, 36/38 (L size) white red 50-70kg, 39/41 (XL size) white red 70-90kg, 42/44 (XXL size) white red 90-110kg, 36-38 (L size) black and white 50-70kg, 39/41 (XL size) black and white 70-90kg, 42/44 (XXL size) black and white 90-110kg

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Additional information

Weight 3.60 kg
Dimensions 580 × 330 × 130 cm
Shoe size

S size gray red, S size gray blue, M size gray red, M size gray blue, L size gray red, L size gray blue, L size black red, L size rose red, XL size black red, XL size black blue, XXL size black red, XXL size black blue, L size Black and blue, L size white red, XL size white red, XXL size white red, L size black and white, XL size black and white, XXL size black and white

3 reviews for Jumper Stilt Fitness Kangaroo Boots

  1. 7***r

    хорошие ботинки, рекомендую

  2. 7***r

    отличный товар, рекомендую

  3. 7***r

    клёвые ботиночки

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